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Professor Stuart White is Director of the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology, Sydney where he leads a team of 60 researchers who create change towards sustainable futures through independent, project-based research. With over 30 years experience in sustainability research, Professor White's work focuses on sustainable cities and improved decision making.

In 2012 he was awarded the Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Environmental Research.


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White, S. 2008, 'Pathways to deliberative decision-making: urban infrastructure and democracy', Conference on Environmental Governance and Democracy - Institutions, public participation and environmental sustainability: Bridging research and capacity development, New Haven, Connecticut, USA, May 2008 in Proceedings for Conference on Environmental Governance and Democracy, ed Rose-Ackerman, S., Cashore, B., Mermet, L. and Sowman, M., Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA, pp. 1-8.

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