Speaker Christophe GAY

Co-director and founder of the Forum Vies Mobiles (a research institute on mobility), Christophe GAY is particularly interested in the imaginaries, representations and social norms that concern and organize mobility in contemporary and future society. He is at the origin of the creation of the Forum Vies Mobiles, bringing together researchers, experts and companies. This forum is supported by the SNCF, where he was previously in charge of strategic communication planning. His initial education combines international law, political science and psychosociology.
Publications: "Mobile/Immobile, Quels choix, quels droits pour 2030?", l'Aube, 2012; "Réhabiliter le périurbain", Loco, 2013; "Ne pas dépasser la ligne", Loco, 2016 (co-editor); "Pour en finir avec la vitesse", l'Aube, 2021 (author).

Office :
Co-director and founder
Organization :
Forum Vies Mobiles
Country :