Speaker Paolo DI CESARE

Entrepreneur and Future-Fit™ designer, expert in Sustainability and exponential trends. He runs NATIVA, first Benefit Corporation in Europe and NextEP, investment platform for sustainability transitions. Co-founder of The Natural Step, Singularity University Italia, Croqqer, Nüborn, Impact HUB Roma. 2016 Most Valuable Player of the B Corp movement.


Entrepreneur and Future-Fit™ designer, with +20 years of experience in Sustainable Innovation and exponential technologies. He co-founded NATIVA, first company in Europe to be awarded as a B Corp and to be incorporated as Benefit Corporation. Nativa’s purpose is to create a positive impact on people and on the planet, thus growing happiness. 2016 Most Valuable Player of the global B Corp movement, Paolo is VP of The Natural Step Italia, co-founder of Croqqer BV, Singularity University Italia, Nüborn, NextEP, Impact HUB Roma, dooyoo.com and Eurogroup Consulting. He graduated in Electronic Engineering and is an alumnus of Singularity University, @NASA Ames, California.



Nativa Positivo colore

Nativa is a Purpose Driven Design & Innovation Company. It is the first Certified Benefit Corporation® in Italy and it is Country Partner to B Lab, the non-profit organization that certifies B Corp.

Nativa is a catalyst that aims to expedite the development of new economic paradigms so that they are fit to the challenges of the 21st century. As designers, Nativers contribute to creating a future of lasting and shared prosperity. Every project that Nativa helps to redesign produces a positive impact on the society and on the biosphere, as it should go beyond its mere functionality to become an example to follow. It often happens. And this is how Nativa traces the path for those who lead the change.

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