Speaker Tiberius BRASTAVICEANU

Co-founder of www.SENSORICA.co and main architect of the Open Value Network model (OVN), Tiberius is a pioneer in the collaborative and participatory economy.


Tiberius is the main architect of the Open Value Network (OVN) model, a new form of organization capable of delivering innovation to market in an open and decentralized way. The OVN model is now being replicated around the world, it is the subject of scientific research and it informs the design of new economic and business standards. Tiberius co-founded SENSORICA in February 2011. His specializes in infrastructures, governance and methodologies for peer innovation and production networks, and in interfaces between classical institutions (public and private) and the crowd.

Tiberius' academic background is in Physics, Nuclear Medicine & Radiobiology, and Epistemology.


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