Speaker Salvatore CURABA


Salvatore Curaba (born August 27, 1963 in La Louvière, Belgium) is a professional football player turned entrepreneur. In 1983, Salvatore Curaba started working at SBAI, an ICT company. After 3 years he was a project manager specialized in the hospital sector. While working for SBAI Salvatore was also a professional football player for the Royal Charleroi Sporting Club.

In 1988 Salvatore Curaba became Sales representative for the IT company Proget. In 1994, Salvatore Curaba had to choose between a career as football coach or keep evolving in the IT sector. He opted for IT and was promoted Sales Manager for IBS. In 1998, after 10 years at IBS, Salvatore left the company to found his own IT company, EASI.

Salvatore founded EASI on March 26, 1999 with Christian Castelain. After more than 10 years of valuable collaboration between them, Salvatore decided to buy out his partner and became EASI’s unique CEO. He developed a unique management style based on freedom, share and transparency. Salvatore Curaba has made the choice to regularly sell his company shares to his collaborators. Elected "Best Workplace" of Belgium in 2015 and 2016 and 8th “Best Workplace” in Europe, EASI devotes much attention to the happiness of its 170 employees. Salvatore Curaba has been nominated for the Manager of the Year award by Trends Tendances in 2014 and EASI was nominated for the Enterprise of the Year award 2015 by Ernst & Young.

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