Speaker Lidia DI VECE


Accountant, expert on Business Evaluation, expert on Social Audit, auditor and Vice President of the "Federazione per l'Economia del Bene Comune" (Federation for the Common Good Economy).

Lidia Di Vece was born in Italy in 1959. She is married and has two children. She became an accountant and auditor in June 1988 and is now an expert on Business Evaluation and on Social Audit.

Lidia believes in accountability, transparency and cooperation of all economic actors, hence she has given a special course to her professional activity, the features of which are the acquisition of awareness paths and of skills in favour of the companies she deals with.

She gives her advice by using an ad hoc path for each company she works for. She believes that both the entrepreneur and the company have to be aware that a company is not a distinct world, but is a part of the whole world around us. For this reason social responsibility becomes the heart of the corporate mission.

Lidia calls herself an "enterprise scientist" and has been a member of the work group of the Order of Accountants in Turin on social auditing and reporting since 2010. She has also been a member of the work group of the Order of Accountants in Turin on cooperative societies since 2010.

She is a founding member of Solidarity Economy Networks (1996) and a national delegate of the Auditors National Association (ANREV) and an ordinary member of AIRCES (ethical auditor).

Finally, she is an auditor for cooperatives, companies, non-commercial and non-profit institutions, municipalities, as well as a mediator and member of the "Camera di Mediazione Patavina" (ADR).

She works in Turin and on the whole Italian territory.    

Office :
Independent Accountant & Vice-President
Organization :
Federation of Economy for Common Good - Italy
Country :