Moderator Haïssam JIJAKLI


Urban Agriculture: another way to grow

Since 2010, Prof. H. Jijakli, develops a new axis of research on urban agriculture at the University of Liège (ULg). Several national and international research projects are underway in the area, with a view of results transfer. Since the beginning of his career, he has to his credit more than 400 scientific outputs (including one hundred refereed articles; 5 patents, 2 spin-offs). His concern is to create a strong link between the academic and industrial worlds in order to implement new urban techniques which are economically, environmentally and socially affordable for the agricultural sector.

Thus his achievements in the field of urban agriculture are summarized as follow:

- Development and Coordination of a novel Certificate in Urban agriculture at ULg (Campus Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech).

- Creation of the Advice Centre in Urban Agriculture within ULg Gembloux agro-bio Tech ( ); The advice Centre in Urban Agriculture accompanies Real Estate promoters willing to include this type of activities, both in the context of advice on the design and the realization of concrete projects (Gardens Community turnkey, indoor production for horeca and office systems, smart greenhouse incorporated into buildings,...).

-  The development of production modules in - and outdoor for urban communities and individuals (gardens, modules of indoor vertical production, PAFF BOX,...) but also for professionals (aquaponics at pilot-scale); 

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Professor in Urban Agriculture and Plant Pathology
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Faculté de Gembloux
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