Speaker Delphine CHANTOME


In September 2011, the Hive That Says Yes! Laid the groundwork for an innovative web-based tool that allows the greatest number of people to access quality food while supporting farming agriculture that creates employment and social well-being. The mission of the company is to offer short circuits the best tools to get to the top speed.

After 3 years of activity, more than 700 communities - called Les Ruches - have been established in France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany.

The team that develops the platform and coordinates the network now includes some fifty people spread out between Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Lille, Nantes, London, Madrid, Berlin and Brussels.

The Hive That Says Yes! Combines cultures of social entrepreneurship and digital innovation to propose a unique model of social and solidarity start-up. Each of the 700 Hives has the opportunity to carry out an autonomous project while being part of a collective logic. All these micro-enterprises or associations outline the contours of a new social and positive economy.

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