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As Director for Global Strategic Services Mikkel is responsible for Sustainia’s strategic advisory and consultancy services we provide to political entities, organizations and businesses worldwide in our relentless effort to create a better tomorrow with today’s sustainable solutions. Mikkel has worked professionally as consultant and advisor since 2006 working with some of the world’s largest organizations – most recent as an EMEA Senior Vice President at an American consultancy firm. Mikkel holds a MSc in Political Communication & Leadership from Copenhagen Business School and is connected to Aarhus University in an external role.


After decades of gridlocked discussions, polarizing politics and ill warnings for our planet, despair is getting the better of the sustainability agenda. Doomsday scenarios and pictures of melting icebergs can catch people’s attention for a moment, but will not create the excitement and engagement necessary. Most of all, these images generate hopelessness and discourage actions.

We believe change comes when people know what exciting possibilities a sustainable future holds. And we believe this is done by giving people insights to how their everyday life could be improved by sustainable practices and routines. That’s why we are dedicated to communicate the attractive and empowering aspects of sustainable living – without discarding the urgency of the matter.

By focusing on innovative breakthroughs, inspiring alternatives and new opportunities, Sustainia is shaping a new narrative of optimism and hope for a sustainable future that seeks to motivate instead of scaring people with gloom and doomsday scenarios.

A future that is appealing, engaging, and attractive, something you want to be a part of, has the power to promote change.

With Sustainia, we are creating a vision of what a sustainable future could look like. Not a Utopia or distant dream. By building scenarios where available solutions, innovation and technologies are implemented at large scale, Sustainia shows the exciting sustainable societies we could live in.

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Based in Copenhagen identifies solutions for sustainable development readily available worldwide to demonstrate their potential benefits for cities , companies and communities.

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