Learning Expedition

Our events have been designed around the concept of interdependence, illustrating that each of our actions has an impact, whether local, national or international. Because we live in a world where CSR innovations know no boundaries, the learning trips aim to break down silos, broaden our vision, and enhance our practices to make them more sustainable and efficient, all within a process of continuous improvement.illustrations ressources MODULES APPRENANTS

In the spirit of opening to the world and its regions, the World Forum for a Responsible Economy offers some thirty people an immersive experience at the heart of a local and responsible ecosystem. These sessions allow the group to connect with innovative and committed players (start-ups, innovative companies, digital experts, dynamic communities, etc.), sharing their experience and practices.

Site visits, meetings with managers, sharing of practices: these learning trips enable the discovery of new sectors, leading companies, innovations, new managerial practices, different work organisations, etc.

The aim of these exchanges is to highlight other business cultures, to encourage innovative thinking, to broaden our vision by discovering how other players are working towards a more responsible, prosperous and sustainable economy.

More information in the autumn.