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9h30 – 10h30 - Welcoming speech and introduction

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Philippe VASSEUR, Président, World Forum for a Responsible Economy

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Jean-Bernard BAYARD, President, Agricultural Chamber Nord-Pas de Calais

Philippe RAPENEAU, President, Communauté Urbaine d’Arras




10h30 – 12h00 – Meeting the needs and sustainably managing resources: which strategy for a responsible bioeconomy? - International conference

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Jan NOORDEGRAAF, Managing Director, Synbra Technology bv (Netherlands)

Paolo STUFANO, Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, EggPlant Srl (Italy)

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Philippe WILLEMS, Founder and Director, Orineo (Belgium)

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Hervé PIGNON, Regional Director, ADEME (France)

Waste does not exist in nature, everything is raw or secondary material, this is where the idea of using waste water came from.

Paolo Stufano, EggPlant (Italy)


12h20 – 13h50 – Thematic lunch and networking

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Déjeuner thématique #1 : Faire des déchets une valeur sociale et solidaire pour le territoire.
Avec Julien PILETTE, Gecco

Déjeuner thématique #2 : Comment une entreprise de packaging s’appuie sur les agro-ressources pour innover, se différencier et être plus compétitive ? 




14h15 – 15h45 – Bioeconomy and the local landscape: new opportunities, new synergies and new territorial dynamics. - International conference -

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Daniele COLOMBO, Technical coordinator of the Bioeconomy Pilot, Vanguard Initiative (Italy)

Paul HUDMAN, Business Development Manager, IBioIC (United Kingdom)

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Manfred KIRCHER, President, Kircher Advice in Bioeconomy (Germany)


Thierry STADLER, President, IAR Cluster (France)


16h00 – 17h30 New raw materials, new uses, new processes: innovation at the heart of the bioeconomy. - Stand-up session -

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Speakers :

Quentin DUBRULLE, Chief Executive Officer, Unéole (France)

Stefano BABBINI, Partner & Chief Executive Officer, Mycoplast (Italy) 

Daphna NISSENBAUM, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, TIPA (Israël)

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Chairperson :

Anne BLONDEAU, Teacher in plant production, Institut Genech (France)





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