La Voix du Nord


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Director's testimony :

Gabriel d’HARCOURT, Deputy Managing Director, La Voix du Nord

« An activist for its territory! A strong word… Nevertheless, it clearly expresses La Voix du Nord’s commitment to serve its region and its inhabitants and is at the heart of its business project ”Demain la Voix”»


To inform, entertain, serve…
And also be committed and… promote the territory, its stakeholders, and its inhabitants daily to foster its development and influence for the community’s benefit. This is definitely the best definition of a regional media. Finally, La Voix du Nord (made "by the people of the region, for the people of the region"), is not only a territorial stakeholder, it strives to be a "catalyst," and even a "torchbearer” through its content. As such, it has volunteered like never before to become an active partner of the World Forum, which will focus this year on the links between territories and companies.



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