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Successive periods of heatwave demonstrate the acceleration of global warming. At the same time, the success of the "Marches for the Climate" demonstrates an increased awareness in citizens about this subject and a need for commitment.

Governments and the economic sector are being challenged to offer a more virtuous development model which enables us to conserve resources and reduce our ecological footprint.

Many companies have initiated this new direction by implementing strategies fed by citizens’ new consumer practices (responsible methods, a sharing economy, DIY making or repairing objects) to think differently and offer more responsible solutions.

Drawing on its teams across the whole country, ADEME supports, brings together and stimulates new dynamics involving regions and companies to build solutions which meet citizens' expectations and enable them to carry out their own ecological transition.

The Third Industrial Revolution embodies this change of model which is being written with and for citizens. I am happy that ADEME is contributing to the success of this new edition, "Ego Imperium" by offering solutions to support the commitment of all stakeholders promoting ecological and energy transition.


Arnaud Leroy









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