Success Story : TRIODOS FINANCE !

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Triodos Finance BV, founded in 1980 is an intermediary in banking operation and exclusive agent of the Dutch company Triodos Bank N.V in France. Triodos Bank is the first sustainable bank in the world.

The initial aim of this bank is to connect Dutch savings to finance local Dutch projects.

Triodos Finance France invests savings in local French projects, protecting the environment, promoting art and culture and supporting societal movements.


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• Ensure the financing of local green, social and cultural economy projects by offering innovative financial products.

• Offer credits for projects that are in line with Triodos' core values

• Create investment funds with multi-sectoral impacts

• Fund sustainable change and promote change in current finance. Bring the world of finance to change the way he thinks.



First, it is important to check projects to ensure that they fit into the values ​​of funded projects. In addition, it is essential to ensure that the project will have the way to make credit (project less risky).

From the accepted project, Triodos and its teams help develop these projects, by proposing financial products adapted to the needs of its projects.

In order to offer and finance projects using savings in the best possible conditions, Triodos Finance actively works with crowdfunding platforms.

In addition, Triodos is actively working with banks around the world to try to change the way they work and change their practices.

Triodos works with banks in the form of partnerships, with the aim of financing projects. The company uses the experience of the banks to have better methods of financing.

To promote this new way of financing, Triodos tries to promote this participative system by participating in forums. The goal is to become known and to publicize this new project funding.

For Triodos, it is important to find the best means of financing, for this it is important to optimize the allocation of resources.



• Increased number of customers: 8%, total of 681,000 customers

• Net profit of Triodos Bank: 37.4 million euros, up 28% compared to 2016

• Investment funds increased by 19.1% in one year

• Total balance sheet of 2 billion euros

• Best SRI Manager in 2015 (Fund Awards 2015 La Libre - De Standard)



• Support for the development of local companies or projects, with a great CSR aspect

• Help to change banks' functioning (crowdfunding)

• Intervene in France and work with local actors to promote local economies.



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