5 reasons why you should attend the World Forum 2019

Every year since 2007, the World Forum for a Responsible Economy invites speakers from all over the world to come share their ideas and present new and more sustainable economic models to encourage entrepreneurs to get involved in a responsible economy.

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The World Forum is a fantastic meeting that raised the issue of social business and now the region has declared they want to get involved. This is amazing that the North region wants to be fully commited to the social business idea and take leadership on it. It is inspiring not only for France but for the whole world.

Pr. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Bangladesh.



Here are 5 reasons why you should attend the World Forum 2019!


01. To bring about corporate change

The World Forum is an active driving force in the innovation process of the companies. It shows companies managers new perspectives and makes them discover more sustainable economic models thanks to the topics dealt with, the speakers and the way all the sessions are conducted.


02. To connect with the region

The World Forum launches, boosts and supports projects in the Hauts-de-France region. It participates in mobilizing regional actors who are absolutely essential when working on big projects.

In 2012, rev3, encouraged by Jeremy Rifkin, turned the Hauts-de-France into a pilot region for economic change. In 2014, SoBizHub was created thanks to Muhammad Yunus, integrating the region into the global movement of social business. In 2018, with B Corp, the World Forum made Réseau Alliances the relay for regional companies that wish to set up a responsible economy.


03. To benefit from 25 years of expertise

For 25 years, Réseau Alliances has been uniting 350 companies committed to a responsible economy from the Hauts-de-France region and helping them carry through their CSR projects. Réseau Alliances is trying to meet the companies’ expectations and answer their concerns thanks to its expertise during the World Forum and all throughout the year.


04. To hear speakers from all over the world

Thanks to the work of 50 partners spread around the world, many experts come to the World Forum to present their ideas and projects. We are also inviting stakeholders of all kind, CEOs from big companies or innovating entrepreneurs, from all around the world to come share the success of their commitment to a responsible economy.


05. To let your voice be heard

We have at heart to make the World Forum a collaborative event. For that reason, we make sure every year that all our stakeholders have a say in the organization of the event. Moreover, all our sessions are conducted so that the audience gets to participate, talk and share ideas during three days.