EGO IMPERIUM—I have the power to change the world


In 2019, the World Forum for a Responsible Economy returns for its 13th edition.

The World Forum is an annual event for the entrepreneurs who are interested in CSR. During the last 12 years, it showed through practical examples that the economic performance could be improved by an approach more respectful of both human beings and the environment.

The World Forum’s purpose is also to get regional economic stakeholders involved and to help develop great projects like the Third Industrial Revolution with Jeremy Rifkin or SoBizHub with Muhammad Yunus.

Commitment” is the keyword of this 13th edition.

Because we are convinced that change depends on the individual, we will give you during these 3 days all the keys to help you reveal your power to change the world.

I have the power
to change the world

15-16-17 October 2019 in Lille

Come meet the economic stakeholders of the ecological and social transition, attend practice workshops and conferences to reveai your power.

I have the power to work differently.
I have the power to change the way I’m doing business.
I have the power to reduce my environmental impact.
I have the power to consume locally.
I have the power to move differently.
I have the power to act for my city.
I have the power to hire differently.
I have the power to join an association.
I have the power to promote well-being at work.
I have the power to teach my skills to others.

I have the change the world!





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The first headliners of this 13th edition


Heidi Solba 03 e1519139399386 Heidi SOLBA | Let’s Do It! World (Estonia)

World representative and spokesperson for the World Cleanup Day, a project carried out by Let’s Do It! World.

AVT Bertrand Piccard 6382

Bertrand PICCARD | Solar Impulse (Switzerland)

Bertrand Piccard is the first one to have flown a plane without fuel. He wants to raise public awareness and encourage political action in favor of clean technologies.


Dale DOUGHERTY | Maker Faire (United States)

Founder of Maker Media and Maker Faire, Dale Dougherty is also considered as the father of the Maker Movement—a movement which comes from DIY culture.