This year's theme


I have the power to change the world



EGO IMPERIUM—I have the power to change the world; and everyone should be able to use that power, wherever they are and whatever their place in society is.

We are living a revolution that affects all aspects of the economy—from the organization of companies to distribution channels—and we all are theoretically the center of that revolution.

Yet it does not only concern our economy. Recent events, particularly in France, highlighted this collective aspiration to the “power of the self” and in the meantime, other events showed that this individual consciousness extended to all the challenges of the world.

Is this agitation the sign that we have entered this new era of “Ego Imperium”? Or is there behind this illusion the biggest concentration to ever happen in human history?

Each of our actions, each of the opinions we express is data captured by one of these large companies operating all over the world. Each person is thus classified as a “profile” in order to foresee his or her choices and decisions even before they are made.

Then what is my power? What is my place in the human society? How can I act freely where I am, in the city where I live? What leeway is there for consumers, citizens, entrepreneurs?

Through conferences, collaborative workshops and networking time, attendees will have the possibility to express themselves and talk about their professional and personal commitments: how they started to change the way they are doing business, reduce their environmental impact, consume locally, travel differently, act for their city, etc. All these are good practices to spread to make a successful transition to the economy of tomorrow.


Topics of the sessions

  • Companies with the courage to tackle environmental issues
  • The power of money to boost a responsible economy
  • Choose the good contribution of the company to society, give meaning to the brand and encourage positive innovation
  • Collaborative economy for the common good
  • The regions and cities taking back their powers
  • How can we encourage our stakeholders to change the world?
  • The power of startups to change the world
  • New work organizations to make your employees more involved


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