THEMATIC DAYS: Bioeconomy, a solution of today to the problems of tomorrow?

On June, 20th in Arras and on June 21st, 2017 in Amiens, the World Forum for a Responsible Economy offers two days of international conferences on the bioeconomy.

Through the lenses of agro-resources and food, we will explore how economic sectors and territories can seize the opportunities presented by bioeconomy.

Which biomass for which uses? How can we meet human needs while sustainably managing our resources? Which innovations are needed to ensure the competitiveness of bio-based products and materials and how can they be stimulated?

 Can we and how can we make our food practices evolve in order to satisfy human needs on a global scale? Which new food systems are appearing to meet the expectations of both the consumer and the producer?

To answer these questions, French and international speakers will come share their expertise and present their best practices. 


Discover our first speakers ...


 We will host int Arras on June 20th 

Philippe Willems


 Philippe WILLEMS, Belgique

Co-founder and director of Orineo, a Belgian company that develops adhesives and biosourced materials from co-products and whose renewable content reaches 75-80%.

More about Philippe Willemens


Daniele COLOMBO, Italy

Vanguard Initiative is a network of European regions dedicated to advancing industrial innovations in Europe. The Bioeconomy pilot project explores synergies in the new bio-based value chains across regions, promoting interregional cooperation and exchange of information and ideas.  

More about Daniele Colombo


Jan Noordegraaf

Jan NOORDEGRAAF, Netherlands

Synbra Technology acts as the technology center and producer of raw materials for the Synbra Group, ensuring that all products have a positive impact throughout their life cycle. Their BioFoam has received the Cradle to Cradletm certification, becoming the first biobased foam to receive this certification. The BioFoam can either be remoulded after use or completely biodegraded, composted or used for feedstock or recycling.  

More on Jan Noordegraaf

 We will host in Amiens on June 21st


B.McGUIREBrianna MCGUIRE, United State of America

Brianna McGuire has founded, a mobile application which reduces household food waste by alerting the consumer when the purchased items are about to get spoiled and by proposing recipes with the concerned items. By empowering the consumer, is changing our food practices leading to less food waste, money savings and better nutrition. 

More on Brianna McGuire 

Tom Boothe Photo Emanuel Bovet


Tom BOOTHE, France

President and co-founder of La Louve, a cooperative and collaborative supermarket where customers are also managers of the 1,500 m² store. The concept is imported from the United States.

    More about Tom Boothe



He founded with his wife, The Green Kow Company, to introduce edible insects into the human diet in Europe.

It was the first company in Europe to offer products containing large-scale insects. Everyday, delicious, nutritious and environmentally friendly products.

More about Damien Huysmans


On the program of these two days

Customize your experience with our array of formats

4 International conferences hosted by expert in focusing on corporate testimonial.

2 stand-up sessions to discover in just a few minutes the inspiring stories, ideas and best within tne framework of specific topics.

4 thematic lunches, reserved for professionals, these lunches allow you to exchange peers on common issues.


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Customize your experience tailor made by taking advantage of the organized entertainment for you!

Networking times have been planned this year to give you more opportunities to meet, exchange and meet speakers.

Our speakers will be available during lunch to extend the discussions. Let yourself be surprised by these special moments. With a random selection you can enjoy 3 x 20 minutes of privileged exchange with three different speakers around tables buffets.

To know the names of the speakers to meet, follow the news of the program



Program in Arras - Hôtel Mercure – 20th June 

9.30 – 10.30 – Welcoming speech and introduction

Confirmed speakers:

Philippe VASSEUR, President, World Forum for a Responsible Economy

Jean-Bernard BAYARD, President, Agricultural Chamber Nord-Pas de Calais

Philippe RAPENEAU, President, Communauté Urbaine d’Arras


10.30 – 12.00 – Meeting the needs and sustainably managing resources: which strategy for a responsible bioeconomy? - International conference -

Confirmed speakers:

Jan NOORDEGRAAF, Managing Director, Synbra Technology bv (Netherlands)

- Philippe WILLEMS, Co-founder and Director, Orineo (Belgium)


- Hervé PIGNON, regional director, ADEME (France)


12.20 – 13.50 – Thematic lunch* and networking

- Networking lunch : Extend the thematic exchanges with the speakers and the participants around a buffet.

 *There are 2 thematics lunches in french only


14.15 – 15.45 – Bioeconomy and the local landscape: new opportunities, new synergies and new territorial dynamics. - International conference -

Confirmed speaker:

Daniele COLOMBO, Technical Coordinator of the Bioeconomy Pilot, Vanguard Initiative Bioeconomy Pilot (Italy)

- - Manfred KIRCHER, Chairman, Kircher Advice in Bioeconomy (Germany)


- Thierry STADLER, President, Pôle IAR (France)


16.00 – 17.30 New raw materials, new uses, new processes: innovation at the heart of the bioeconomy. - Stand-up session -

Confirmed speaker:

- Quentin DUBRULLE, Chief Executive Officer, Unéole (France)

- Stefano BABBINI, Partner & Chief Executive Officer, Mycoplast (Italy)

Daphna NISSENBAUM, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Tipa Corp (Israël)


Program in Amiens – Espace Dewailly - 21st June

9.30 – 10.30 – Welcoming speech and introduction

Confirmed speakers:

Philippe VASSEUR, President, World Forum for a Responsible Economy

- Christophe BUISSET, President, Agricultural Chamber Hauts de France

- Alain GEST, President, Communauté d’Agglomération d’Amiens Métropole


10.30 – 12.00 – Sustainability and nutrition: how are our food practices evolving? - International conference -

Confirmed speakers:

Christophe RUPP-DAHLEM, Director of Public Affairs, Roquette (France)

Damien HUYSMANS, Co-founder, The Green Kow Company sprl (Belgium)

- Advitam (France)


- Denis CHEREAU, Managing Director, Improve (France)


12.20 – 13.50 – Thematic lunch* and networking

- Networking lunch : Extend the thematic exchanges with the speakers and the participants around a buffet.

 *There are 2 thematics lunches in french only


14.15 – 15.45 – Consumer and producer: which new food systems to meet their expectations? - International conference -

Confirmed speakers:

Tom BOOTHE, Founder, La Louve (France)

- Nicolas CHABANNE, Founder, C’est qui le patron ! La marque du consommateur (France)

Chairperson :

- Marie STANKOWIAK, Head of the Grecat, (France)


16.00 – 17.30 Innovation for better consumption - Stand-up session -

Confirmed speakers:

Brianna MCGUIRE, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, (United States of America)

- Village by CA Nord de France – Looking back on the European call for applications “Innovate to develop people demand for plant-based proteins products” with Thierry LEBRUN, Marketing and Innovation Director, Crédit Agricole Nord de France (France)



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