"The World Forum is the forum for tomorrow's challenges and ideas"

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In 2019, Colin participates to the World Forum for a Responsible Economy as a volunteer in charge of lunch logistics and attends, in parallel, several workshops. A rich experience that he shares with us today.

Each year, several dozen volunteers actively participate in the smooth running of the World Forum for a Responsible Economy. This was the case of Colin who, in 2019, took the logistic responsibility of the lunches: "There were many speakers, I made sure that everyone had their meal. At the same time, I was able to attend several workshops and write the summaries of these exchanges, specifying the participants, the aspects dealt with, the positive points and what emerged. These workshops were very popular, there were managers, directors: it was very enriching". This involvement made him aware of the dynamism of the territory: “When I see projects like rev3, which is a major issue for the Hauts-de-France region, I tell myself that we can anticipate tomorrow's changes and to shake things up in our region. This is the dimension that the World Forum brought to me. I became aware that, at our level and in our region, we could get involved in CSR initiatives, whether we work in a large group or in a small business, through simple practices. That's what really impressed me.”

A human experience

Today, Colin works in management control in a Belgian company specializing in logistics and includes these practices in his missions: "I always talk about social return on investment and not return on investment. I systematically try to integrate green indicators. I also exchange a lot with my colleagues who have studied CSR, on process improvement, waste treatment, etc.". Although the event did not trigger her professional project, it did provide him with " knowledge " but also " a genuine awakening ". It was also a great moment of exchanges and meetings at the international level. "I was in contact with volunteers from the University of Lille, on an Erasmus program. We were able to exchange in English about the same values. There was a real cohesion, it was a very nice human experience". And if he had to give an advice to participate, the young man would not hesitate for long: " is the forum for tomorrow's challenges and ideas ".